Self-Portrait: COVID-19 leaving me alone

When California started its shutdown for the pandemic on March 11, 2020, this left me alone in an apartment that I was renting with a roommate. As an assignment, I was finding ways to show off myself in the space I lived in and how I stayed above ground to keep my emotional health and well being from degrading.
I continued this self-portrait project from the time I was living in Daly City to when I moved to Walnut Creek with the same roommate. My roommate is not present in this project as she works as a preschool teacher and as a senior caregiver for her own grandmothers. Before moving to Walnut Creek, it was safer to live separately to keep those around her safe.
The support from my family was minimal. They kept in contact but didn’t help me financially with my living arrangement or with school. So I was living alone trying to manage full-time school work and freelance gigs to make ends meet.

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